Varied fees

  different charges. Small loans due to the differing nature of the school (public and private), reputation (brand name and General), different disciplines (hot and popular music), as well as school location or other reasons, fees are often a gap, which most evident gap between public school and private school tuition. This seems to have become one of the criteria. In "cost sharing. and ' cost recovery ' for the financial States of the main characteristics of the University, higher education surrounded by several public high show that injustice, private University between China and Japan with the praise of the gap is gradually narrowing (United States), that is, tuition at public colleges was growing much faster than private universities. For example, Japan public and private university tuition and fees than from 1974 to 5.91 per cent in 1992 to 1.83. United States, dry state university tuition and fees in 1965 to 4.19 per cent in 1990 from 2.95, four-year college than from 4.53 per cent to 2.44. This shows that public universities "national control. role in decline, down said, ' cost-share. theory even in Japan and the United States is also increasingly be reflected in public higher education. World Bank experts Ahlbrecht and Qi Deman data can distract us from more extensive background knowledge of public and private college tuition gaps, information m 1, Alb Tadashi Urquhart: the universities in developing countries finance. 58th. Description: Kenny f l. r period appropriate cloth cut tuition at public universities. Due to the rushed subject professional of Ma raised cost different velvet future of employment prospects and income different, due to States place public University of funding often from place Hyatt received, as United States of State m India of State, so different subject professional velvet place public University on source varies of students charged different standard of tuition ' this is meet tuition developed of ' interests get principles ' and. fair principles '.