Miscellaneous items including Hangzhou, a wide range of micro-credit

  miscellaneous items including a wide range of micro-credit, such as the France collection of students ' social security charges, students benefit, and Germany levy fees, student health insurance, student groups. United States fees are inclusive of all aspects of the University, such as the University of Connecticut fall semester 1989 collection of miscellaneous items: fees, fees, registration fees, student activity fees, student association fees, student cards, school daily, radio fee, parking fee, the credit examination fees of more than 10 projects. Here we must add that was in the United States, tuition is sometimes a college student to finish the overall concept of the expenses incurred must be, essentially involves four elements: miscellaneous expenses, accommodation and meals (dinner knife. The University and usually will tuition and accommodation fee separate, to amounts sum form lists. as 1992-1993 learn annual, Arkansas State University of tuition for 1420 dollars. accommodation fee for "99) dollars, total for 3410 dollars; and Harvard University and MIT of above three a data followed by for 17674 dollars, 5840 dollars and 23514 dollars and 18001) dollars, 5561) dollars and 23560 dollars ①. Do is designed to help students and their parents choose according to their economic power wisely.
in addition, research fees also need to calculate the times the cost on each college student, which includes we usually refer to the regular costs, infrastructure costs and equipment maintenance costs and depreciation expenses. Strictly speaking the exhausted from school scientific research funds and pension benefits are not counted as a f$ costs. Due to the statistical standards, our students ' average cost of great differences. According to statistics from the State Education Commission financial affairs, in 1992 I Wai 5735 times cost on each college student, personnel costs for 2183, public expense is 2241 and average capital expenditure per student is 1311 Yuan.