Cost sharing cost of higher education

  cost-sharing of higher education cost-sharing is on the United States scholar Seton first came around it happened, and then constantly echoed by scholars, such as the United Kingdom student finance expert Dr wood Hall in 1989, Editor, published by the student's financial aid: grants, loans 9A graduates is based on cost-sharing of the joy written on the. We first take a look at what is the cost of education.
higher education cost classification problems so far has not been fully addressed in the study, said the field was the most challenging problems in the field of Economics of education, does not at present exist accepted international standard classification of education costs. It is generally accepted that, the cost of education may include public education, staff costs, facilities costs, material costs, equipment costs, as well as parents and students ' educational expenses (direct costs include tuition and other educational expenses, cost of books, clothing, transportation costs, etc). The former is called "agency costs., belonging to the recurrent expenditure and capital investment such as infrastructure; the latter known as" family costs ', including tuition fees and daily living and studying expenses direct costs, indirect costs and give up income from work (opportunity cost). Often referred to as society and personal costs.