Educational theorists, especially educational economics

  education theorists in particular study the economics of education student loans for higher education has a history of not short, but clearly the theoretical foundation of student loans. cost-share '' concept in the late 80 's. In order to analyze the cost sharing theory, RS discuss linked to the issue of higher education finance and cost sharing models. Higher education of financial mode world higher education in economic Shang by national m Government funding of history has a long history, as early in Rome Empire times is dry higher education nature of school on by Empire of financial assistance, in more mass Shang by national funding is began Yu 19th century early of Germany and France, its purpose aimed at for national provides necessary of technology into only, to I foot into t industry of sent moved. Germany Berlin University (founded in 1810) and the Polytechnic School in Paris, France ((founded in 1794, formerly known as Central School of public works, 1804 vested in the Ministry of defence leaders) is the most typical example. Later, almost every nation in Europe to imitate this model to set up a public-funded national higher education system ... This model can be seen as. State control membrane. Into the 20th century, this type of public funding of higher education in the world; Within the Ctm to further expand, especially for those seeking a modern country and cold shadow effect, especially in developing countries. This state-funded higher education depends largely "social responsibility
said (also has to do with" public service said, explaining that education is a public service of the Government of national, shall be exempt from fees. ).. Social responsibility said. think: higher education aimed at Fu raised national led talent and training senior technology talent Dragon dial exhibition economy; higher education is national modern and achieved democracy of ideal tool, its funding should to Government paid suitable; due to social inherited proceeds and wealth distribution not are, only Government using Hyatt received policy and through education (including higher education) of spending policy phase tie, to achieved proceeds and the wealth again distribution of purpose. Therefore, tuition and miscellaneous education funding sources, still represent the Government. This theory also believes that the Government pay the full cost of education can ensure that due to financial difficulties in the past and deprived of higher education opportunities to higher education. Figure 2-1 shows the financial mode of higher education is associated with this theory.