In 1970, she published her first book on student loans

  she Yu 1970 published has first this on students loan of compared research designed with, name for students loan: Scandinavian and the other place by Q of comments, hope a, had students payment facts of analysis, "provides on students loan as funding higher education of a method of objective analysis., and" helps description current about students loan and grants is excellent is bad of debate.. Wood liuer analyzed from different angles in the work agreed and various views against the introduction of student loans, specific analysis of Sweden, and Denmark, and Norway, and Finland and the United States, and Japan, and Colombia and other countries implement Qian on the basis of student loans, student loans are described the economic, social and educational meaning. Although Dr wood Hall in the book suggest that she does not want to intervene in the United Kingdom occurred on student loans and grants the argument, but according to the basic content of the book and her research and writing, you can see her positive attitude towards student loan is. Yihou, wood bun, in this a field of research constantly in-depth and has published has more Department with for and work file, which main has: for European economic cooperation and development organization wrote of (several OECD national students funding programme of comments) for World Bank wrote of (students loan as funding higher education of method: international experience of lessons and (in developing countries established students loan of Guide), for Commonwealth wrote of (borrowing learning: for
students payment of meaning inquiry in world students funding of history in the, Student payment occurs later than the scholarships and grants. To overcome award, and grants of insufficient, to makes more of students get funding and established of students loan project, its purpose with award, and grants basic consistent, but different of is, award, and grants General is without reimbursement of dumped and, and students payment as funding students of a method, its fundamental features is enjoy loan funding of students ' has with its future income reimbursement goods lift of directly member any, ①. Domestic students to more positive meaning is mainly reflected in the following aspects.