Bank loans and financial companies can coexist

  in today's society, the car has become one of the favorite means of transport. Buying a car has become a trend, and those who loan to buy a car there are two choices, people is a headache. A bank loan, there is also a auto loan company, the two companies could co-exist for a long time. Unsecured loans to you for saying the following:
the first half of this year, raising interest rates by the Central Bank roles influence, car loan business is also affected, particularly Bank lending, many banks have already stopped vehicle purchase loans. Because the Bank's loan procedures many difficult loans, many customers away, such a move banks suffered heavy losses. But the biggest beneficiaries are the auto loan company, they have a wealth of flexible loans, and loan easy is very popular with the loan people love to buy a car. And for some time the loan company also introduced an interest-free loan, this loan company suddenly hot, go to loans for those who intend to buy a car in full.
Bank and car loan financial company's contentious battle to see who can grasp the heart of consumption of cars, whose loan forms more diversified, who can take this bait car loans. Unsecured loan experts say that auto loans to banks and financial companies, undoubtedly a series of loan auto finance company has a large advantage.