Personal consumption loan


  individual consumption loan refers to the loan himself or a third person is entitled to dispose of according to law of all houses as collateral, or to accept the pledged property, or other cover (quality) put as collateral to loans made for the purpose of personal consumption.
1, lower interest rates: implementation of the national baseline rate rising 20% to 30% (of much lower interest rates than private loans and pawn),
2, wide range of collateral: acceptance of Jinan range of collaterals;
3, for residential or commercial premises in the past 15 years.
1,/> the applicant over 18 years old and above, Chinese citizens have full capacity for civil conduct.
2, with full property rights within the scope of fixed assets mortgaged in Jinan (houses, cars, paper, land, funds, stocks, CDs, etc).
3, has a stable job and family foundations, credit 3*1
mortgage requirements
1, Jinan City nearly 15 years of housing or shops
1, the loan amount is less than 500,000
loan percentage loan period 1, loan 1-3.

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