The "replacement" of personal housing loan


  "replacement" self-financing for individual housing loans was already paid and natural persons to acquire building ownership certificates to purchase housing customers, for the satisfaction of buying debt loans. Dang you has with raised funds full payment purchase has commodity housing and made housing ownership card not over reasonable years Shi, party can application replacement type personal housing loan; replacement type personal housing loan currently temporarily only limited to personal purchase housing, not containing personal since building and personal commercial with room;
business features
1, and property card Shang is residential of are can loan to assessment amount of 70%;
2, and wants to also on also! Save you interest;
3, one application, repeated use;
4, the loan amount is 100,000;
5, must mortgage for 5 years, prepayment penalty.
applicant requirements source of repayment;
2, credit (3X0) to a maximum of not more than 30 days, within half a year cannot be more than 15 consecutive days.

1, Jinan commercial house mortgage requirements after 2000.
1, percentage of loan Advisory 70%.