Personal unsecured loans


  unsecured credit refers to the Jinan Union Bank credit lending to individuals, credit lines of up to 500,000.
1,/> business characteristics limit high, low interest
loans of up to 500,000!
loan interest rate floating downward in a certain range.
2, long loan period
up 4 years!
3, the procedure is simple, fast approval
full charge d ' affaires in Jinan are only required to confirm related matters!
basic conditions
1, and 22-60 age with China nationality (not containing Hong Kong, and o, and Taiwan residents);
2, and in Jinan work and life;
3, and has stable of career, tax Qian months income 3,000 above, Bank generation sent wage;
4, and in now units work full 3 months;
5, and no liabilities (cases no mortgage or car loan), or has liabilities, but has completely repayment capacity, no bank bad records.