Enterprise mortgages


  credit loan without any collateral, simple procedures, rapid approval, loan, to help you solve the dilemma of financing to meet your liquidity needs.
application conditions
1, and in Jinan registered of SMEs or individual industrial and commercial households;
2, and registered time at least 3 years (including three years); 3, and years turnover reached Yuan 4 million Yuan; 4, and Division holding over 15% of shareholders in near two years not occurred major equity change; enterprise need provides of material
1, and company license (are copy); 2, and country to tax registration card (are copy); 3, and organization institutions code certificate (are copy); 4, and company articles ; 5, and latest inspection funding report; 6, and people Bank issued of account license; 7, and people Bank issued of loan Advisory card; 8, and company main members and has over 15% company shares of Director, holding people ID; 9, and near 6 months Bank on account single; 10, and enterprise near 6 months financial proved (as VAT tax report); 11, and near three years and the recently one months balance sheet and profit and loss table.