Real estate development and land loans


  means banks lend it to a real estate development project of real estate development enterprises, for housing, commercial property, land and facilities construction loan.
by the Administration for industry and Commerce (or competent authority) approved the registration of real estate development enterprises.

loan terms generally does not exceed a period of three years.  
basic requirements
customer of conditions:
(1) by real estate development competent sector approved established, in business administration sector registered registration, made enterprise corporate license, and handle license annual procedures;
(2) made real estate development competent sector issued of real estate development enterprise qualification grade certificate, and handle annual procedures;
(3) established modern enterprise system, property clear, business management system sound;
(4) good credit and repaying capacity of enterprises credit line with China zheshang Bank lending requirements;
(5) issued by the people's bank loan certificate (card), zheshang Bank to open a basic account or accounts, and Bank settlement;.